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Laravel 5.6 - Login with Google with Socialite

Hi Developer, In this example, I will let you how to login with google account on your laravel website. in this example I will use Socialite composer package for sign in with google gmail account. so just follow bellow all step for auth with google in you laravel application. Laravel 5.6 provide us Socialite package that is help to social authentication. Let's follow bellow step: <img src="/uploa.....

Posted On April 7, 2018

Angularjs Datepicker Example using directive

datepicker is a primary requirement for every website. if you want to add datepicker in your angular js application then you are a right place. here i will give you full example of how to implement datepicker using angularjs directive. In this example i simply use jquery ui library for datepicker and then i will use datepicker function using angularjs directive. So let's see bellow full example a.....

Posted On April 5, 2018

AngularJS - Change Page Title Based on Routes Dynamically

Hi Artisan, today, we will learn how to set dynamically title tag on page in AngularJS Application. If you work on angularjs app then you know page would not reload during click on link or form submit, but we need to set dynamically title element on each page that way we can make better SEO. So if you want to set dynamically title tag on page based on routes in AngularJS then you can follow bello.....

Posted On April 4, 2018

How to convert base64 to image and save it using PHP?

In this tutorial, i will show you how to convert base64 string to image and write it into folder in PHP. i will write simple code for save base64 encoded image to file using php and you can save it png, jpg as you want. Many times you need to require to convert base64 string to image and save it to folder. If you are work with an API creation then it is very simple to work with base64 string and .....

Posted On April 3, 2018

How to remove file extensions from URL using htaccess?

Hi guys, In this tutorial, i will let you know how to remove files extensions like .php, .html, .htm etc using htaccess file in php. So here i will write code of RewriteRule and it will remove file extensions from URL. As we know, if you are working on core php project or simple html pages and upload it to server. it will work like as bellow link: <pre> https://hdtuto.com/cat/laravelexample.html.....

Posted On April 3, 2018

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