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Codeigniter multiple file upload with example

I will let you know multiple image upload in codeigniter with simple example. you can learn php codeigniter upload multiple images and store to database. we will use upload library for upload multiple files in codeigniter. We almost need to implement multiple images or files feature in our project. so you can simply understand and you can implement your existing project with multiple file uploa.....

Posted On June 16, 2019

Javascript split string into array by comma example

If you need to split string to array by space in javascript then i will show you how to split string into array by comma or space in javascript. javascript has split() that will help to explode string into array. Javascript split() function is used to split a string into array of substrings, and returns the new array. I will give you simple example for this bellow example, i created simple strin.....

Posted On June 3, 2019

JQuery - Add Edit & Delete HTML Table Row Example

Today, we will learn how to append table row with add edit and delete function using jquery. we will create simple crud operation using jquery like add edit delete html table row in jquery. If you are new for jquery and you want to create some awesome example like add, edit and delete function with jquery. then this example will help to create start way to insert update delete operation using jqu.....

Posted On May 12, 2019

Laravel 5.8 - create custom error page with example

In this example, i will let you know how to create custom error pages with laravel 5.8. we will create custom error pages for 404, 403, 500, 419, 255, 405 etc pages in laravel 5 application. we can easily create custom blade file with our theme for all errors in laravel 5. If you set debug false then laravel show you default error page of their predefine. but if you want to create your own custom.....

Posted On May 12, 2019

Laravel detect mobile or desktop using jenssegers/agent example

In this artical, i will let you know how to detect mobile or desktop browser in laravel 5 application. we will use jenssegers/agent package for detect device. we can easily detect device mobile or tablet or desktop. jessenger ajent plugin provide method to get all user agent values with their pre define function by package. they provide function like isMobile(), isTablet(), isDesktop() and device.....

Posted On May 12, 2019

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