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Laravel 5 datatables example from scratch

Data Tables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. DataTables provide us flexibility to search, list, sort and pagination using jquery. We can also simply use ajax with datatables too. So in this tutorial, i will tell you how to use datatables in laravel 5 application, after this you can simply use with all version like 5.1 to upcomming laravel 5.5 So, in this example i will use yajra/la.....

Posted On July 26, 2017

Laravel - chmod(storage/oauth-private.key): Operation failed: Operation not permitted

It's always make us mud less when we got strange issue or error. Same thing here describe. i got following error when i did work with git repository. I pushed my code and my friend pull that code and when he run he got following error: "chmod(storage/oauth-private.key): Operation failed: Operation not permitted" I google and try to run bellow command: <pre> php artisan passport:install </pre> Bu.....

Posted On July 25, 2017

Laravel generate random unique string example

Sometimes, we require to generate random string for token or something other login in laravel 5 application. if i remember exactly, 1 year ago i was working on my laravel 5 application at that moment i need to create unique string. I search on google and laravel docs i found str_random() helper of php laravel framework to generate random string, we need to just give then number as argument and i.....

Posted On July 25, 2017

How to fix - "Illegal string offset 'w:compatSetting'"

Yesterday, i was working on my php laravel 5 application and i installed PHPOffice/PHPWord package and trying to use it in controller. But when i run my project and see i got following error : "Illegal string offset 'w:compatSetting'" Even i generate docx file, i thought why it's come event file is created successfully. I try to understand deeply but i didn't get well. However i found temporary s.....

Posted On July 21, 2017

PHP Laravel select2 js example from scratch

Here, I will let you know very simple example of generate select box using select2 jquery plugin in laravel application. Bootstrap provide very simple drop-down box. But if you want to add search with select box then you should use select2 js plugin. Select2 plugin provide us select drop-down box with search value and there are several feature available in select2 js. So in this example i am goin.....

Posted On July 19, 2017

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