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PHP Laravel select2 js example from scratch

Here, I will let you know very simple example of generate select box using select2 jquery plugin in laravel application. Bootstrap provide very simple drop-down box. But if you want to add search with select box then you should use select2 js plugin. Select2 plugin provide us select drop-down box with search value and there are several feature available in select2 js. So in this example i am goin.....

Posted On July 19, 2017

Jquery .toFixed(2) is not a function error - Solved

When i was working on core php project and i need to work with float value. Like i require to fixed decimal point with two digit after point. So i did search on google and found the tofixed() of javascript. But when i try and checked on my fire but, it say tofixed() is not a function. I thought what was wrong and i did try many way. However, Finally i got what is issue and found the best solution.....

Posted On July 17, 2017

Laravel 5 check if file uploaded or not using hasFile or isValid

It is very easy to check if uploaded file or image empty or not if you are using core PHP. But as we know laravel 5 provide us object of file, So we can not determine using empty(). However, we can simply do it using hasFile() and isValid() of laravel predefine. So i am going to give you basic example of both function one by one. So let's simply see both example and use it. <strong class="step-up.....

Posted On July 16, 2017

Laravel 5 global variable in all views file

Here, i will let you know how to set global variable in laravel 5 application. In this article i will set globle variable two way on simple view share and another using composer view share. As we know, every webiste or project there are several things are comman and access it in every page like footer text, logo, site title etc. So it is necessary to define it one time and access it on all views .....

Posted On July 16, 2017

Disable timestamps(created_at and updated_at) in Laravel 5 Model

As we know, Laravel added two field "created_at" and "updated_at" with timestamps. So when new record will be add then created_at and updated_at columns update current timestamps updated and when update then update then updated_at column. This is a default by laravel. But sometime, we dose not need to add created_at and updated_at column. So we have to stop add update those column, otherwise it r.....

Posted On July 11, 2017

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