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Node JS - Get Real time online users counter using socket io example

In this example, we lean how to get real time active users in mobile app or web application using nodejs socket.io. Sometime, we require to make functionality to get real time online users counter on your admin panel. We can easily do it using node js and socket io. I give you very simple example for real time online users counter that way you can simply use in your PHP project or any other lang.....

Posted On December 14, 2017

Laravel 7.x and 6.x create custom facade example from scratch

In this article, here i will give you step by step guide to create a custom facade in Laravel 5.5 application. You can also learn how to create custom service provider and custom aliases for your class in laravel 5. Ok So, We may need to create custom facade for creating general helper, some method that always use in whole application like here in example, i created getUserImage() method for get.....

Posted On December 8, 2017

PHP Laravel 5.5 - import export data into excel and csv using maatwebsite

Hi Guys, In this article, i will let you know how to import and export excel or csv file in your laravel 5.5 application. Here i will show you full example step by step to import excel file to database and export from database and give it to download. We will use maatwebsite composer package for import export data into excel and csv file. maatwebsite package is popular for generate csv file and.....

Posted On December 3, 2017

MySQL - select first word from string using SUBSTR

In this small article, i would like to share with you how to extract the first word of string in sql query. i did that using SUBSTR, LOCATE and If statement. Yesterday, i was working on my laravel project and i require to get first name from fulname column like as example: "Hardik Savani" Hardik Savani is a full name but i just need to get first work "Hardik" from fullname of users table in phpm.....

Posted On December 2, 2017

Codeigniter 3 - call to undefined function site_url() Fixed

If you are fetching issue with undefined function site_url() in your codeigniter 3 application then you have to load "url" helper on auto load. I wanted to share this error, it will comes when you install fresh codeigniter 3 application and try to run, you will find this error undefined function site_url() when you use site_url() helper. So, if you used site_url() helper then you need to load "u.....

Posted On November 23, 2017

PHP Laravel 7.x and 6.x Rating System Example from Scratch

Hi Friends, You add star rating system in your laravel 5 application by using Laravel Rateable composer package with bootstrap-star-rating jquery plugin for review. Here in this article i will explain how to implement star rating system in your php laravel framework project step by step tutorial. We always would like to see our website or product popularity. If you see in there are many website, .....

Posted On November 22, 2017

Laravel 5.5 - 1071 specified key was too long max key length is 767 bytes

Someday ago, i wan working on my new laravel 5.5 application in my new system, with new configuration. I was simply installed laravel 5.5 app and then i created mysql database and then i run migration, but i got following error on my terminal. <br/> "[Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key.....

Posted On November 21, 2017

How to Create Thumbnail Image in PHP?

Hi Friends. In this article, i will let you know how to generate thumbnail image while uploading in PHP. Here i will show you quick and simple code of upload picture and make thumbnail image using php gd library. If you know, we moistly require to set several images in website and that's why it take more time to load of webpage. So if you make it better on size like generate thumbnail image for i.....

Posted On November 19, 2017

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