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How to remove file if exists from folder in Laravel 7.x and 6.x?

We almost require to file upload or image upload function in our laravel application. We simply make image upload functionality and put that image om our upload directory. But when record will delete from database then it should be remove from folder too otherwise there are several useless images store. So, in this article i will let you know how to check file exists or not then delete image or .....

Posted On July 6, 2017

Laravel 7.x and 6.x - Summernote Wysiwyg Editor with Image Upload Example

Summernote Wysiwyg is very simple and cool editor. If you use simply textarea and you require to make more tools like bold, italic or image upload, Then you have to choose Summernote plguin. In this article, i will let you know how to use summernote editor in our laravel 5 application. In this example i am going to use summernote with bootstrap. So you can simply use summbernote editor. If you .....

Posted On July 5, 2017

How to return response text/html from controller in laravel 5?

Few days ago, i was working on my new project and project was migrate project php into laravel. I need to migrate apis, So in old php application it returns response as text and i have to keep same response in laravel 5.4 application. So i thought how we can do it, finally i got it, we can do it using response(). response() helper will help to return simple text. So in my php it was like as bello.....

Posted On July 4, 2017

How to get all tables lists of database in Laravel 5 ?

Here, we fetch all tables names with prefix from database using laravel DB facade. So if you require to get all tables then you are at right place. As we can get simply all table lists by following sql query: <pre> SHOW TABLES </pre> In Laravel 5 application we will use same above query by using laravel DB select method. So let's see bellow example: <strong>Example:</strong> <pre> $tables = \DB.....

Posted On July 3, 2017

How to convert image into base64 string jQuery?

Sometime, We may need to convert image object into base64 string using javascript. base64 is easy to store directly to database and simply use it. So in this example i will let you know how to convert your selected image or file into base64 string. Here, bellow see full example of convert selected image into base64 string. So let's see bellow example. <strong>Example:</strong> <pre> <!DOCTYPE .....

Posted On June 28, 2017

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