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PHP Laravel subquery in select statement example

I don't remember exactly, but i was working on my laravel 5+ application 2 months ago. At that moment i require to write subquery in select statement. I simply write in my mysql query and check it's work perfect. But i though how can it possible to write using laravel query builder. So first i am going to explain what was that. I have two tables <strong>"posts"</strong> and <strong>"post_viewer".....

Posted On July 9, 2017

PHP Laravel change date format example

Sometime, we may require to change date format in laravel view file or controller, so you can change your date format using carbon, date, strtotime. Here i gave you three example of change dateformat of timestamp column. In this example i have simple users table with id, name, email, created_at and updated_at column. In created_at column we store timestamp value like "Y-m-d H:i:s" and here i will.....

Posted On July 9, 2017

How to change log file path in Laravel 7.x and 6.x?

In Laravel framework, they store all error store in logs file and they keep in storage folder. Logs will help to find where is error and why in details. Because in every exception it put automatically in log file. You can also put manually log like as bellow few examples: <pre> Log::info('Info Log'); Log::alert('Alert Log'); Log::error('Error Log'); </pre> As above and there are others also avail.....

Posted On July 7, 2017

How to send email using gmail in PHP Laravel 7.x and 6.x?

Laravel is very popular framework of php in todays. Laravel is famous because they provide several goods things like MVC, routing, mail etc. In this article we will learn how to send email using SMTP driver. Laravel 5 provide several drivers options like SMTP, Mail, SendMail and services supported include Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Amazon SES, etc. So, here i will let you know how to send email.....

Posted On July 7, 2017

Laravel 5 - An access token is required to delete a video - issue

Someday ago. i was working on my laravel project and client need to upload video to youtube using google youtube api. Client ask me about this do you think you can upload video to youtube using package in laravel. I simply say yes because i know package and i thought it will be easy to do. But finally i started work on it and i used <a href="https://github.com/JoeDawson/youtube" target="_blank">.....

Posted On July 6, 2017