How to install Angular 10 and Create Angular 10 Project?

August 8, 2020 | Category : Angular

Are you looking for example of create first application in angular 10. i explained simply step by step create first angular 10 project. This post will give you simple example of how to create first app in angular 10 . you'll learn angular 10 new project.

I will written step by step tutorial of how to install angular cli and how to you can create your first app with angular 10 application.

Let's see bellow steps:

Install Angular CLI

So, if you haven't install angular cli in your system then you can install it by using following command:

npm install -g @angular/cli

If angular cli installed successfully, then you can proceed.

But if you have already install angular old version then you can just update it by following link: Upgrade to Angular 10.

After if you run bellow ng command then you have list of commands available for angular application.


You will see layout like as bellow:

Install Angular 10 Project

Now, here we are able to create new project in angular 10 using angular cli command. so let's create it by following command:

ng new first-app

You will have get prompted for a couple of things as like bellow

1. If Would you like to add Angular routing?

If you say yes then it will create app with routing. if not then it will create without routing.

2. Which stylesheet format would you like to use? Pick CSS.

You will see layout like as bellow:

After that you can simply run angular application by following commands:

cd first-app

ng serve

Now you can open your browser and open this url like this way:


You will see layout like as bellow:

I hope it can help you...