How to remove tooltip when printing a document in JQuery ?

November 2, 2017 | Category : JQuery CSS HTML

Hi Guys,

In this article, i will let you know very simple and small bug or issue as you think for print preview. Actually, i was working on my core PHP project and i was printing preview for product report. I made it completed and it works fine.

But it was small bug and bug was that i used jquery ui tooltip, when i was printing report at that time that tooltip was also came there. First time i was just thinking where is it from come this text. However, i was found solution how to hide it when printing report.

So you can also hide tooptip ui text using following css code.

CSS Code:

@media print {

.tooltip {

visibility: hidden;



So as above i write print media css, it will help you too solve your issue.

I hope you found your best solution....