How to use bootstrap datepicker in Laravel 7.x and 6.x?

April 21, 2017 | Category : Laravel 5 Laravel 5.5 Laravel PHP

In this article, we will deal with implement bootstrap datepicker in laravel 5 application. datepicker is nothing related to laravel, it is a separated jquery library. you can simply use datepicker in laravel as you use on another framework or code php project. In this example i use bootstrap-datepicker.js library for datepicker.

Here, you can simply use on your blade file, as like bellow to use:


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Laravel Bootstrap Datepicker</title>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>



<div class="container">

<h1>Laravel Bootstrap Datepicker</h1>

<input class="date form-control" type="text">


<script type="text/javascript">


format: 'mm-dd-yyyy'