Laravel 5 - An access token is required to delete a video - issue

July 6, 2017 | Category : Laravel

Someday ago. i was working on my laravel project and client need to upload video to youtube using google youtube api. Client ask me about this do you think you can upload video to youtube using package in laravel. I simply say yes because i know package and i thought it will be easy to do.

But finally i started work on it and i used "JoeDawson Youtube" package. I installed successfully and i also created google console account with valid domain name, also set GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET, in short i got right key and secret. I follow all step that write on JoeDawson github repo.

Last i run and i got following exception. i did tried with http://localhost:8000/, i got following error -

" An access token is required to delete a video."

I searched on google and also created issue on repository. But nothing found good solution. I also tried to use other package but that was almost not work as expected and i post here if you find anything or solution so please comment bellow.

Can you help what i have to do and why i am getting this error ?

It can help to others...