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In this tute, we will discuss case when in laravel query example. i would like to share with you if else condition in laravel 5. if you want to see example of if else condition laravel select query then you are a right place. This article will give you simple example of laravel select if condition.

In minor case we need to use if else condition in laravel 5 Eloquent. It might be use when you just need to send data to import or api etc.

I will give you example when you can use this kind of when case statement in mysql query. If you take "status" fields in users table with following meaning:

0 => User

1 => Admin

2 => SuperAdmin

So at this time we store 0 1 or 2 values in database table but when we select at that time it should become "User" "Admin" and "SuperAdmin".

We can write mysql query like this way:


WHEN users.status = "0" THEN "User"

WHEN users.status = "1" THEN "Admin"

ELSE "SuperAdmin"

END) AS status_lable'

FROM users

But you can write this query in Laravel like this way:

$users = User::select("*",


WHEN users.status = "0" THEN "User"

WHEN users.status = "1" THEN "Admin"

ELSE "SuperAdmin"

END) AS status_lable'))



I hope it can help you....

May 3, 2020 | Category : Laravel

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