React JS Ternary Operator Example

May 30, 2020 | Category : React

In this tutorial, i will show you how to write a ternary operator in react. let’s discuss about how to use ternary operator in react js. This tutorial will give you simple example of react native ternary operator render. you will learn ternary operator conditional rendering react.

In this post, i will give you one simple example of how to write ternary conditional statement in react native app. you can simply use ternary in render component. so let's see bellow example that will help you to understand how it works.

First example will cover react ternary statement in render function.component.

So, let's see this example:

Example 1:


import React from 'react';

import logo from './logo.svg';

import './App.css';

function App() {

const isLoading = 1;

return (

<div className="container">

<h1>React If Condition Example -</h1>


{isLoading == 1 ?

<p>Value is One.</p> :

<p>Value is Another.</p>}





export default App;


Value is One

I hope it can help you...