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Flash message in Laravel 5.5 example

Hi, Guys In this tutorial i will let you know how to implement flash message in laravel 5.5 application. We can simply add info, success, error, warning and primary type of flash messages. Here in this tutorial i will use "mercuryseries/flashy" composer package, help of this package i will make simple example. As we know well, flash message is very important to notify when record is created new, .....

Posted On October 29, 2017

Laravel 5.5 - create custom 404 error page

In this article, i will let you know how to create custom error page in laravel 5.5 application. If you know well laravel then you know we can simply create error pages in errors directory of views folder, but in this article i will show you to create custom 404 error page using route and right way of SEO friendly. Here, i will explain how to handle laravel exception and manage all custom errors .....

Posted On September 27, 2017

Laravel 5.5 Generate PDF File From View

In this article, i will let you explain how to generate pdf file from html view in laravel 5.5 application. We mostly require to generate PDF file from html view for invoice, receipt, products etc. There are several composer packages available for pdf generate in laravel 5.5 application, However we can use "laravel-dompdf" library. laravel-dompdf provide to generate very easily using laravel bal.....

Posted On September 20, 2017

Laravel 5.5 - The page has expired due to inactivity - fixed

Yesterday, i was working on new laravel 5.5 blog and i was making quick contact us form and i didn't use Form facade for that. i just simply use html input form element. But when i create post route and then submit my form i got following error: <br/> <center> <strong> The page has expired due to inactivity. Please refresh and try again. </strong> </center> <br/> I was thing i haven't seen this e.....

Posted On September 16, 2017

Laravel 5.5 multiple database connection example

Hi Guys. In this article i will let you know how to use multiple database in laravel 5.5 application. Laravel 5.5 provide several database connection like mysql, sqlite, pgsql, sqlsrv, mongodb etc. So it could always be simple to use following databases connection. But if you require two database connection in same laravel application then what you will do and how you can. So laravel 5.5 provide .....

Posted On September 14, 2017

Laravel 5.5 Image Upload example

Currently i am working on laravel 5.5 application and i require to image upload function in my laravel 5.5 application. Then i decide to share image uploading laravel 5.5 with developer so it can be help to someone. File upload feature almost require to every application as i know. So here i will make it very easy example of image upload. In this article i will create two routes one for get metho.....

Posted On September 10, 2017

Laravel 7.x and 6.x get last query log example

If you need to debug your last mysql query in laravel 5.5 then you can do it simply by following example. We know laravel provide their own query builder So sometime we write big query or something big logic on laravel query builder. But it's give us error and you didn't get it properly then you need to run manually sql query to your phpmyadmin. So here i will give you many example to get your la.....

Posted On September 8, 2017

Class Form not found in Laravel 5.5

Two day ago i installed new version on laravel 5.5 and trying to coding. i was making form using form builder as i have haibbit to work on laravel 5.4 version. But i used Form class of laravelcollective i got following error on when i run project "class 'form' not found" but i had before this error. So i found how to solve it. So you have to install laravelcollective/html composer package for for.....

Posted On September 5, 2017

Ajax CRUD example in Laravel 5.5 application

Hello Friends, Few days ago i posted simple crud application in laravel 5 application as here <a href="http://hdtuto.com/article/laravel-5-create-simple-crudcreate-read-update-delete-application-example" target="_blank">CRUD Laravel 5 Application</a>, But in this article we will learn insert update delete and view jquery ajax crud example in laravel 5.5 application. We love always like to sim.....

Posted On September 3, 2017

Laravel 5.5 pagination example from scratch

Are you wanted to create pagination in your laravel 5.5 application ?, If Yes then you are a right place. Pagination in always require when we have to display table records. If you have thousands of records in table but you can't display at a time all the records so it's must be display per page some records. So here pagination will help to display per page something records. If you are using cor.....

Posted On September 1, 2017

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