Laravel 5.6 - Multiple File Upload with Validation Example

in this article, i will discuss how to upload multiple files or images with validation and store in into database table using Laravel 5.6 application. i will use request for file upload and create new database records for file uploading. here we will also use jquery and bootstrap for add more image input by using add more button. Few Days ago i posted Ajax Multiple images upload with Laravel 5 ap.....

Posted On March 28, 2018

How to check where not null query in Laravel Eloquent?

I was working on my laravel 5.6 application on this Sunday and I require to use a not null query with where condition in laravel eloquent. I mean I need to get all data that not null from the users table. So basically I know how to check not null in MySQL query but I didn't know how to retrieve data using laravel query builder. But I read laravel docs and got it we can do it using "whereNotNull(.....

Posted On March 27, 2018

PHP Laravel Eloquent where between two dates from Database

I will show you example of get records between two dates from database using laravel Eloquent whereBetween method. whereBetween helps to get data between 2 dates from database. here also show you example for retrieve records using where between two columns of database table. Here i am getting records from users table and get all data of given $start and $end date between records. So you can see f.....

Posted On March 21, 2018

PHP Laravel 5.6 - Send Email using Mail Example

in this tutorial, we are going to explore a Mail in Laravel 5.6 application. I will provide a simple example of how to send email using smtp driver in Laravel 5.6 application. you can simply use sendmail, mailgun, mandrill, ses, sparkpost, log, array as a driver in laravel 5.6 application. Here I will give you an example using Mail facade. we will create Mail Class and send an email. so here in.....

Posted On March 20, 2018

Laravel 5.6 - Generate Free Charts and Graphs Example

Here, i will let you know how to generate charts in laravel 5.6 application using consoletvs charts package. i will create line chart, geo chart, bar chart, pie chart, donut chart, line chart and area chart example in laravel. you can also create gauge chart, progressbar chart, areaspline chart, scatter chart, percentage chart etc using consoletvs charts composer package. In this tutorial i jus.....

Posted On March 19, 2018

Laravel cors middleware using barryvdh/laravel-cors example

If you want to add cors middleware in your laravel application then you are a right place. here i will quick guide to add cors middleware using barryvdh/laravel-cors composer package in laravel 5.6 application. cors is important to prevent other domain browsing request. In this example we will use barryvdh/laravel-cors composer package and you will have cors middleware for your every api route .....

Posted On March 15, 2018

Laravel - How to handle "No query results for model" Error

Laravel - How to handle "No query results for model" Error Yesterday, I was just working on my restful API with User model and I found following error on show method: "No query results for the model [App\\User] 1", first I search on google about No query results for a model issue and fix that. but I want to understand why this error comes. i found why No query results for the model is an error on.....

Posted On March 14, 2018

Laravel - Get last inserted id using save(), create() and insertGetId()

If you have experience with PHP Project developing then you know we almost require to get last id. so if you need to get last insert id then you can get save(), create() and insertGetId() method in laravel 5.6 application. here i will give you three way to get last inserted id or object in laravel 5.6 application. So in this small article i will give you three example for getting last insert id:.....

Posted On March 13, 2018

Laravel 5.6 - Excel and csv import export using maatwebsite example

Hi, Web Artists, In today’s Tutorial, I will show you code of How to import and export data in CSV and Excel file in Laravel 5.6 application. This example is simple laravel 5.6 import excel file to the database using maatwebsite. you need to just follow few steps and get a full example of import CSV file in laravel 5.6 application. We will use maatwebsite composer package for import-export .....

Posted On March 10, 2018

PHP - How to remove double quotes from json array keys?

Some days ago, I was just working on my old PHP project and I need to remove double quotes from JSON array keys because I want to add it to my chart. first of all, i just print my array but it shows as a string with double quotes in array keys. So chart does not appear on my dashboard. I just found what-what was an issue but at last, i just found what is an issue after a long time. It's crazy when.....

Posted On March 9, 2018

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