Pagination Searching and Sorting of data table using Angularjs PHP MySQL

Hi Guys, In this tutorial, you will learn how to build search sort and pagination of data table in Angularjs app using php mysql. i will help to make simple app with dynamic data get from database and do it searching table data, sorting table fields and pagination table data. here we will use dirPagination.js for pagination. In this tutorial, we require to create index file and write code for la.....

Posted On April 27, 2018

Ajax multiple image upload using bootstrap-fileinput in PHP

ajax is an important part in web development. here i will share with you to upload multiple images with preview using bootstrap-fileinput in PHP. this tutorial covers steps to upload multiple images with preview and also upload with process so you can see how much is left. Bootstrap fileinput is a bootstrap plugin. bootstrap-fileinput provide us to upload multiple images or file using dropzone js.....

Posted On April 14, 2018

PHP MySQL - Change Password Script

Hi guys, if you are developing PHP website or project then you need to add change password function on your website. So here i will give you change a password using md5, a session in PHP Mysql. we will use MySQL as a database. here I give you very short code and smart way to do change password in your working project. <strong class="step-up">index.php</strong> <pre> <?php <br/> $_SESSION["us.....

Posted On April 11, 2018

Laravel 7.x and 6.x - Login with Google with Socialite

Hi Developer, In this example, I will let you how to login with google account on your laravel website. in this example I will use Socialite composer package for sign in with google gmail account. so just follow bellow all step for auth with google in you laravel application. Laravel 5.6 provide us Socialite package that is help to social authentication. Let's follow bellow step: <img src="/uploa.....

Posted On April 7, 2018

How to convert base64 to image and save it using PHP?

In this tutorial, i will show you how to convert base64 string to image and write it into folder in PHP. i will write simple code for save base64 encoded image to file using php and you can save it png, jpg as you want. Many times you need to require to convert base64 string to image and save it to folder. If you are work with an API creation then it is very simple to work with base64 string and .....

Posted On April 3, 2018

How to remove file extensions from URL using htaccess?

Hi guys, In this tutorial, i will let you know how to remove files extensions like .php, .html, .htm etc using htaccess file in php. So here i will write code of RewriteRule and it will remove file extensions from URL. As we know, if you are working on core php project or simple html pages and upload it to server. it will work like as bellow link: <pre> https://hdtuto.com/cat/laravelexample.html.....

Posted On April 3, 2018

Laravel - Where null and Where not null eloquent query example

if you are a starter or learner laravel then you have in mind how to check where null or where not null condition using laravel eloquent model when you are writing eloquent query. if you write query for SQL then it is very easy syntax and families with where null and not null condition. In this small tutorial i will let you know how you can write query for where null and where not null conditio.....

Posted On April 2, 2018

Laravel 5.6 - AdminLTE Bootstrap Theme Installation Example

AdminLTE is a great Bootstrap Admin theme for Laravel development. In this tutorial i will let you know how to install bootstrap adminlte admin theme in Laravel 5.6 Application. always first step to integration admin bootstrap theme in laravel application, we will use git package for install free AdminLTE Bootstrap Theme. so just simply follow bellow step. we always require to install theme for.....

Posted On March 30, 2018

Laravel 5.6 - Multiple File Upload with Validation Example

in this article, i will discuss how to upload multiple files or images with validation and store in into database table using Laravel 5.6 application. i will use request for file upload and create new database records for file uploading. here we will also use jquery and bootstrap for add more image input by using add more button. Few Days ago i posted Ajax Multiple images upload with Laravel 5 ap.....

Posted On March 28, 2018

How to check where not null query in Laravel Eloquent?

I was working on my laravel 5.6 application on this Sunday and I require to use a not null query with where condition in laravel eloquent. I mean I need to get all data that not null from the users table. So basically I know how to check not null in MySQL query but I didn't know how to retrieve data using laravel query builder. But I read laravel docs and got it we can do it using "whereNotNull(.....

Posted On March 27, 2018

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